Uniblue PowerSuite

Uniblue PowerSuite 2017

The ultimate PC tuning kit

Uniblue PowerSuite is a tool that helps optimize your PC's speed. View full description


  • Three apps in one
  • Sleek interface design


  • Not enough explanation of processes


Uniblue PowerSuite is a tool that helps optimize your PC's speed.

Interface overview

Uniblue PowerSuite's main hub is neatly designed, with three main tabs, giving you a general overview, a scheduler and settings. It's clean and clear, although some people may miss the traditional Microsoft-style interface with basic File, Edit, View, etc. controls.

How it works

Setting up scheduled system scans in Uniblue PowerSuite is really easy. You'll be prompted to choose the scan frequency for each area before it even the main interface. The scans seem to be efficient and fast, but you can get more detailed information from the individual app reviews - click above. Once a Uniblue PowerSuite scan has been performed, you can fix problems by opening the apps. It's possible to open them at the same time, but this may slow down your PC if there are lots of problems.


Uniblue PowerSuite also offers a good way to keep your drivers up-to-date, although the same function exists in Windows' Control Panel. You can also optimize your disk to free up space and memory by removing unnecessary features from your system. Uniblue PowerSuite could've done a better job of explaining these features. If you're unfamiliar with disk optimization, make sure you understand what you're doing before removing any system features though.

Uniblue PowerSuite is well designed, but it needs better and fuller explanation of what it can remove, to make users feel secure. The RegistryBooster works quickly, and has a restore button in case things go wrong, although it's not proven that registry cleaning actually does anything to speed up computers.

UniBlue PowerSuite is a well-designed collection of applications, but only recommended for people who understand computers well.

Uniblue PowerSuite


Uniblue PowerSuite 2017

User reviews about Uniblue PowerSuite

  • chmelar

    by chmelar

    "Uniblue PowerSuite"

    Following to installation everything looked pretty nice, GUI, scan, etc., but after the registry clean operation and reb... More.

    reviewed on September 25, 2012

  • daktsk

    by daktsk

    "excellent software"

    I was getting quite a few blue screens, and thought I was going to have to buy a new desktop. Tried Uniblue and blue scr... More.

    reviewed on May 28, 2012

  • UniblueHelp

    by UniblueHelp

    "Good Software"

    Good software, virus free!! its easy to use, a powerful low cost tool which extends the life of your pc. More.

    reviewed on December 16, 2011

  • dannic72

    by dannic72

    "Virus ridden"

    This program is virus ridden just like every other 2012 suite download you will find on the net. this is not free softwa... More.

    reviewed on December 14, 2011

  • "Additional Virus Program"

    I currently have the Power Suite installed and deleted my Panda Cloud Virus program. Am I now covered. More.

    reviewed on September 20, 2011

  • Johan1951

    by Johan1951

    "Veel langzamer"

    Ik heb powersuite en registry booster gekocht en moet helaas vaststellen, dat mijn computer langzamer geworden is. Met... More.

    reviewed on January 7, 2011